Gene Discovery Research Group

We study plant systems involved in stress responses and tolerance and apply to crop improvement

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Research Outline

Gene Discovery Research group has been discovering plant genes of which functions are linked to quantitative improvements in plants and those with new functions for minimizing the effects of the environmental stresses to achieve maximum productivity. Many genes with various functions involved in environmental stress responses and tolerance and photosynthesis have been identified for the application to molecular breeding of useful crops with higher yields under global warming. Main targets of the research include not only genes that respond to environmental changes and stimuli and adaptation but also genes involved in photosynthesis and productions of useful metabolites. This group explores key genes involved in improved productivity and abiotic stress tolerance based on integrated genomics, and are analyzing regulatory factors and signaling factors involved in the control of gene expression in response to abiotic environmental stresses. This group also explores regulatory gene networks for the improvement plant productivity. For the research, this group has been constructing a research platform for systematic analysis of plant phenotypes under various growth conditions.